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Grand Stand Hire

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A very popular solution to temporary rapid deployment mobile seating requrements. Sometimes reffered to as bleachers or tiered seating these mobile grandstands are the only grandstands of this size in the country than can be towed into place on a 4×4. The unique turnable front axle allows the grandstand to be accuratley positioned and manouvered into place where smaller grandstands and truck based units cannot go.

The unique German Engineered design means this impressive structure can withstand 80km winds, 10cm of snow on the roof and the test of time.

For corporate and long term hires the seats can be changed, branded colour matched. Banners can be placed along the back too. The Grandstand also features detatchable walls to three sides, so if required your audience can be protected from sweeping elements.

The grandstand also features a unique lifting roof, giving one of, if not the highest viewing range of any UK grandstand. Making this an ideal solution for air shows and aerial exhibitions.

Becuase of its lightweight design, and compact footprint the Grandstand can also be towed into indoor arenas with a 4m high 2.5m wide roller shutter, due to the fully turnable front axles on these units they can be positioned end to end next to each other without interference from the tow hitch.

Tech Specs…

Permitted Total Weight 3500Kg
Net Weight Includes All Parts 3480Kg
Dimensions as Trailer Width

Dimensions as Stand Width
Height Front
Height Back
Height Last Seats
Floor Capacity 300kg/m²
Stand Roof ALU lightweight structure
Stand Floor ALU-chequer plate – Non Slip
Chassis and frame Hot-dip Galvanized Steel
Awning PVC, B1 Flame-Resistant
Installation time Approx 1 Hour in Ideal Conditions
Optional Accessories Wind Walls