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55 Sqm Mobile Stage Hire

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The XLR Outdoor stage with its signature curved top (arc) roof is our most elegant stage. Instantly recognisable and extremely popular with sponsors for its branding options; this outdoor stage is sure to become the focal point for your event.

Offering a huge 55 square metres of usable stage space on a chassis under 3500kg this outdoor stage easily rides over delicate landscaped paving without the risk of cracking or damaging expensive city spaces.

The “turntable” front axle unique to our range of outdoor stages ensures no “A” frame is left sticking out at the front. This feature also allows the stage to be manoeuvred into more confined spaces. Because of its low weight it can often be man handled into tighter spaces where our competitors would normally struggle.

Again following our minimum dependency strategy this stage can be setup by one crew member in a record time of 45 minutes. This means once the sound and light teams have de-rigged; we will be off site almost immediately, reducing the need of security infrastructure and lower your event costs.

The curve top design also means water run off goes to the side and not the back, allowing for band equipment to be stored at the rear without the risk of excessive water run off.

Tech Specs…

Weight 3350kg
Dimensions as Trailer Width

Dimensions as Stage Width
Clearence Height
Height of Stage Deck from Ground 1.10m to 1.30m
Floor Loading 300kg/m²
Roof Loading 880kg
Stage Roof ALU-Triangular Truss F33
Stage Floor Non – Slip Waterproof Boarding
Chassis & Frame Hot-dip Galvanized Steel
Awning PVC, B1 Flame-Resistant
Wind Wall Agroflor, B1 Flame-Resistant
Installation Time 1 Person – Under 2 Hours
Optional Accessories PA-Wings