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Industrial Marquees

A Marquee is the perfect solution for your short term industrial storage requirements. With a quick installation, they will provide an Ideal overflow solution to your growing facility.

Being a temporary structure; you can avoid the need for some of the formalities associated with more traditional methods of temporary storage with a marquee. Avoiding the need to move premises/lease additional premises, and getting more out of the rates you already pay.

Keeping flexibility at the heart of our business, the modular design of our marquees, enable us to add or take away bays at any time, allowing us to adapt to any change in your business requirements. With options of Solid sides, space heaters and spans of up to 60m mean our industrial storage marquees offer you the flexibility to grow your surrounding along with your business.

It is very common overseas, particularly in mainland Europe and America that marquees are used for both temporary and permanent warehousing; with some housing production facilities all the way through to display showrooms.

An Event Equipment Marquee provides a cost effective and flexible solution to industrial storage; there are just no other storage solutions which can possibly compete.


Temporary Warehousing

Temporary warehousing is a quick fix short term solution to seasonal stock fluctuations, building refurbishment, emergency and disaster planning. As well as short term temporary warehouse marquees we also sell and long term lease and maintain these structures.