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Garden Marquees

A garden marquee is effectivley the same type of structure we would use for a wedding or corporate marquee, generally they are at the smaller end of this style of marquee. Garden marquees are incredibly flexible and can be used for all types of events. They are typically what is known in the industry as clearspan frame marquees, this means they have no guy ropes or centre poles and use a frame structure to maintain the shape. Becuase of this these marquees can be built up to a building and placed on hard standing and weighted down. *Subject to site conditions and access*.

Garden marquees make great outdoor spaces for events such as birthday parties, religous celebrations, socail gatherings and even temporay garages.

Free 3D Business Design Service


For larger garden marquees, party tents and themed marquees we offer a virtual marquee planning and design service. We can draw everyting to scale right infront of you then send you an itemised quote based upon the exact model we’ve presented to you.

Did you know?

At Event Equipment Hire we supply everything for your event. We do: Tables, Chairs, Dance Floors, Stages, Outdoor LED Screens, Lighting, Heating, Cable crossings, Barriers, Fencing, Generators, Toilets and much much more!

Whats more everything we quote you is from our own stock, were not a middle man, if we do sub-contract anything then we tell you before hand. In modern ages the internet is awash with middle man websites which try sell your details to people like us; we are not one of them. Come and see for yourself! All our stock is real, just like the photos you see on our website.

Call us today and get a bespoke quotation of everything you need to make your party happen.


Party Tents Hire

A party tent is just another way of refering to a small marquee. Our party tents are made from the same box section aluminium extrusion that larger commerical marquees are made from. This makes the party tents incredibly strong and durable. Typically our party tents can stand 50km winds and in the case of larger party tents these can with stand 80km winds.

Party tents can be left just as marquees on there own or they can be transformed into impressive spaces. Working with a few selected theming and prop hire companies we can even transform these into unrecognisable events. Themeing can resembele anything from a 007 James bond night to a cowboy and indians them right through to an alice in wonderland tea party, if you have the idea we can make it happen. Talk to us about bringing your party to life.


Event Marquee Hire

Are you putting on a Village fair or a national festival? To us; it does not matter your still an extremley valuable client. We provide all different kinds of event marquees and event equipment for all sizes fo events. By visiting our marquee hire prices page you can see exactly what we charge for all the different sizes of marquees we offer.

If you run an annual event and are willing to enter a fixed term contract with us, then please call us as we often offer loyalty discounts for repeat contract clients.

If you need assistance with event site planning, logistics and general event advice, our sales team will endeaour to help, put us to the test; you’ll be suprised at just how much we know!

What size marquee will I need?

Below is an example illustration of a 9m x 15m Marquee Based on 100-150 People standing or partially seated. This size and type of marquee is ideally suited to functions such as Birthday parties 18/21/40th’s or general “Beer tent” fundraisers.

If your planning a Garden Party then the size of your marquee is usually determind by 2 factors. The 1st is the size of the Garden, Field or area where the marquee will be sited. The second factor is the number of guests. Often garden parties are informal events with a small bar and informal dining such as a Buffett or Hog Roast. Seating is less formal and usually aluminium cafe furiture or outdoor plastic tables and chairs are used.


Capacity Marquee Size (m) Marquee Size (ft) Price
Up to 50 6m x 6m 20′ x 20′ Prices
30 to 70 6m x 12m 20′ x 40′ Prices
60 – 100 9m x 9m 30′ x 30′ Prices
100 – 150 9m x 15m 30′ x 50′ Prices
150 – 200 9m x 24m or
12m x 18m
30′ x 80′ or
40′ x 60′
250 – 350 12m x 24m 40′ x 80′ Prices
350 – 550 15m x 30m 50′ x 100′ Prices