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Barriers and Fencing

Are you looking for a full service event fencing and event barrier contractor? then Event Equipment Hire is a perfect provider for you. We have a range of different vehicles and special types trailers designed for the rapid deployment of pedestrian crowd barreriers at roads side events such as marathons and cycling events. As an example we can deploy 250 roadside crowd barriers with a team of 3 people in under an hour. We also have a range of 3500kg trailers which can be towed accross fields and parks using our off road 4×4 fleet, aswell as all terrain truck mounted forklifts and 26 ton truck mounted cranes. For larger jobs we also operate a fleet of flatbed articulated trucks.

Event Equipment Hire has one of the largest stockpiles of pedestrian crowd barriers in the UK, our barriers have been seen at the UK’s most prestigous events and festivals. We’re proud to have been chosen as a supplier to the London 2012 olympics, we supplied thousands of barriers to the games events outside buckingham palace and in hyde park.

Hire Prices…


Pedestrian Crowd Barrier Hire

Pedestrian crowd barrier are a fast cost effective method of crowd control, used at virtually every outdoor event these barriers are great for control ques, limiting access protecting assets and defining event spaces. Great for show grounds, town centers and suitable for both hard standing and grass surfaces. Event Equipment Hire uses a range of vehicles from 7.5 ton trucks and trailers with Hi-ab Arms to Articulated trucks with rear mounted forklifts. Count on us to make your barrier experience less stressful. 100 Units can be carried on a flatbed sprinter or transit. 250 Units can be carrier on a flatbed 7.5 ton truck, increasing to 500 with the addition of a trailer. and 500-600 Units can be carried on an articulated truck depending on the trailer size and body style. Prices start from as Little as £1.50 a barrier (Collected from our premises). Average cost per barrier delivered is around £4 – £6 each, minimum of 100 units for delivery.

Typical Prices Include Delivery Collection
within 100 Miles (travelling distance of Cleckheaton)

0-100 £6.00 Per Barrier
100-250 £5.50 Per Barrier
250 – 550 £5.00 Per Barrier


Anti – Climb Event Fencing Hire

Often referred to as Hera’s Fencing because of the manufacturer of the style of fencing anti-climb fencing is mainly used as perimeter fencing although the latest HSE guide also recommend it for surrounding valuable services dependent hardware such as Generators and water containers.

Anti Climb Fencing can be installed on solid or soft ground. In windy locations or when used as screens, back stays can be fitted along with additional clips re-in-force the fence. When back stays are used on solid ground additional weights are required in the form of concrete blocks. On grass small stakes can be used instead and are much more cost effective.

Typical Prices Include Delivery Collection
within 100 Miles (travelling distance of Cleckheaton)
Price is Based on One Panel, One Clip and One Foot. Delivered and Erected

0-30 £12.50 Per Panel
30-100 £12.00 Per Barrier
100 + £11.50 Per Barrier

Back Stays On Grass £1.00 Each
Back Stays & Weights £ POA


Pit Barrier (Front Of Stage Barrier) Hire

The safest form of front of stage crowd control is by far the pit barrier. Pit barriers come in 1m lengths with additional access gates and corner sections at different angles. Our pit barriers are the lighter more durable aluminium style.

Pit Barrier costs around £30 per straight metre. (Additional Charges apply for gates, cable crossing panels, corners and angles).